While you have your main job to pay the bills and take care of your daily expenses you may be looking for a way to make more money on the side to put away for a holiday. This is also a great way to satisfy a passion or put a talent to use.


Taking on Odd Jobs Over the Weekend

If you are handier than others you may be able to make some extra money by pg your skills to use. This can be something like general construction or smaller scale jobs like painting or putting furniture together. These are all jobs that can be done in your free time and can produce significant pay. Remember to keep in mind that certain locales require licensed individuals to do bigger jobs like electrical or plumbing work so steer clear of jobs like that unless you have the required credentials.

Start Your Own Sales Business

Garage sales were a great way to sell your useless clutter in the past but it required a bit of planning and was dependent on many factors, including the weather. The invention of the internet has made garage sales a thing of the past, thankfully.

You can now use websites to sell items that you no longer have use for. These can be small items like memorabilia or bigger items like used electronics. You may even have new items that you received as gifts but never opened that can sell for more money than used products.

Put Your Talents to Good Use

Remember when your teacher told you that your short stories had potential? Maybe it’s time to take that writing talent and pick up some freelance work. There are always businesses looking for writers to write blog posts for their websites. There are also websites that will pay you for news articles on varying topics..

If you aren’t a great writer, there are other types of freelance work that call for talented people. Maybe you are a good artist; sell your artwork or take on art projects for individuals. You can also give music lessons or play gigs if you are more musically inclined.

Let Direct Line Holidays Stretch Your Budget

Getting the side job is a great start but you still may not have that lump sum you need to book a holiday. Thanks to Direct Line Holidays’ Low Deposit Holiday you can book your trip for a low deposit of £29 per person. At that point all you have to do is pay the remainder of the deposit at a later, predetermined date and then pay off the balance eight or 12 weeks before the trip date. Once you book your trip you’ll get a payment schedule outlining exactly what you owe and when to pay it. This will help you utilize your side money in an efficient way. Search for low deposit holiday 2014 on the Directline website for more information.