Sometimes choosing the perfect theme for a hilarious party – whether it’s for a close friend or a milestone birthday or a daughter or son’s birthday party – can be difficult and stressful. You want to choose a theme that will fit well with the time of year, a theme that everyone can join in and be a part of, yet a theme that is simple and stylish. This can be a daunting task, particularly if your friends aren’t exactly the social type.

However, fret not! Inspiration is all around you. Even if your friends aren’t very ‘inspired’ with party themes, or they don’t get quite as excited as you’d like when party planning is in the works, there is still a way you can make it work without anyone having to put too much effort in. So here are five quick ideas for a great themed party without having to do a whole lot of work!

Onesie Party

A lazy idea that combines the best of comfortable, warm clothing and funny animals or characters. Onesies or kigurumis as they are known in Japan, come in a whole variety of shapes, sizes, patterns, prints and colours. Many onesies come in animal designs, with attached ears and tails that make you look like a fluffy stuffed version of the animal you are portraying.

onesie party

One piece of advice is to remember that onesies can get quite hot, so maybe this is better for a winter party. However you will all be ready for a sleepover once people start hitting the hay, so it is a great fun idea for kids parties and sleepovers.

Lightning Round Costumes

Remember ‘Ready, Steady, Cook!’? Well think of it like ready, steady, fancy dress! You grab a whole bunch of materials and accessories; hair bands, head boppers, t-shirts, whacky pyjamas, foam weaponry and more, and get your guests to try and make something new and hilarious with the materials they manage to grab. Not only is it a way of getting guests to work together in teams, it is a creative and fun way to re-use old, broken bits of costumes that don’t really fit anymore. Plus it is also a hilarious game and a great time waster.

On some occasions, simply putting out the materials for costumes can get people in the mood to party, even if they didn’t bring anything themselves. This is always a good idea for when you have guests or relatives who don’t like to join in; provide a few materials that guests can pick up and use for the day and they will more often than not make good use of what is on offer!


A theme often used for clubbing and Halloween, but not often seen outside of those areas. A Zombie/Undead party can be as simple or as creative as you like it. It can be as easy as slapping on a bit of white face paint and dabbing an old t shirt with bloodstains, or your guests could go all out. Provide fake blood made from syrup and food colouring and serve up zombified treats and snacks to go the extra mile.

Again, a bit of extra help goes a long way. Grab a couple of fake scars and fake blood and hand them out in goody bags to your guests; they’ll think it a fun and creative idea on your part and it also encourages them to get into the spirit of the party.

Household Accessory Man/Lady

This one could go one of two ways; hilariously funny or a little bit awkward. If you have creative friends, this could be a really funny theme, particularly if their household items and appliances are a little…student-esque shall we say? Imagine ‘bin-liner man’ or ‘feather duster lady’ as they traipse through the door! Raise the stakes by hosting a competition for the funniest or most inventive costume made from objects around the house, as people will always put more effort in if there is a prize involved.


Think of all the poor, forgotten costumes that are dragged out of storage for one measly season, dusted off and worn only once or twice before getting stuffed back away again. While they get some use during that one season, wouldn’t it be great if you could get them out for a bit longer? Then why not try something a little alternative with an ‘out-of-season’ party?

Halloween costumes, Christmas costumes, St Paddy’s Day leprechaun hats; all are welcome to this mis-match of whacky costumes and oddball party games. You could even encourage competition, where you team up members of the same season (smaller seasonal events – valentine’s day, ash Wednesday – will be attached to larger event teams) and you can give them points for completing tasks or doing dares such as collecting take-out in their costumes. Be inventive!

At the end of the day, obviously it is up to you how you decide to spend your party, but if you can think of a fun and funny theme that has everyone smiling by the end of the day, then you’ve really won. Get thinking and try and come up with some of your own strange and stylish party themes that haven’t been done before!

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