It probably comes as no surprise that there have now been studies as to the potential health hazards of spending over 40 hours a week sitting on our bums for those working in office related fields. When we are spending a long time in one position, not only do those familiar aches and pains start creeping into the picture, we are also burning far less fat and calories than if we led a more active lifestyle. Often health experts are worried about our ‘coach potato’ lifestyles and a standing desk might seem to be one of these sudden solutions, but how true are these findings?

Increased Productivity

When you find yourself stuck in a rut at work and you’re not quite sure how to kick-start your brain into gear; filing paperwork, editing a document or finishing that last form, how do you get out of it? Some people turn to the internet for a quick browse, just to take a small break in order to freshen themselves up for more productive work. However a quick break can quickly turn into a 20 minute break.

If you have a standing desk, a quick break can be something quite different. Taking a stroll around the office or taking a quick walk outside helps to improve oxygen and blood flow to the brain, provides a decent distraction and also helps you burn extra calories while you’re at it. You’ll find yourself working more productively than in a sedentary position and all from a standing desk!

Health Benefits

It can be hard to believe that simply making the change from sitting to standing can have an effect on your health but it is true. When seated, your body regresses into a sedentary state and you don’t find yourself shifting position or moving your legs all that much, bar getting up to get a coffee or going to the toilet. When standing you often shift your position to change the weight distribution, you may spend a bit of time leaning on one leg to give the other a break, or stretching your legs both.

Another good reason for the standing desk is that it gets rids of any posture problems by making you work upright. There has been a debate going on for years about bad back posture and the long term health effects working in an office will have on your spine, so working from a standing desk all but eradicates these issues. You no longer have to hunch over a computer as it is all at eye level, and everything is nice and straightened out as it should be.


Studies have shown that people who lead a more active lifestyle live longer. It is simple fact. Surprisingly enough simply standing up as opposed to sitting down at work can have a positive effect on your own life span. You spend more calories during the day, you keep your posture looking good and you don’t suffer from as many health defects as you would if you were sitting for 40+ hours a week. However it can take its toll on your feet, so it is important to keep a stool nearby for short rest periods.

All in Moderation

Like with any fad diet or anything new that comes along, if you go too far in the opposite direction of course you are going to experience some side effects and not all of them positive. It is important to start something new off in moderation, so that your body gradually gets used to the changes. If you suddenly go from sitting down 8 hours a day to standing with no practice at all, of course you are going to experience some aches and pains.

Start out in small doses and gradually increase your time spent standing up each day and soon you’ll be able to make it through the whole day with little to no problems. There are also specially designed stools and leaning desks where you can rest your feet without having to completely relax. After all, sitting down is not cheating! Your feet need a bit of rest every now and then, otherwise you are just trading one evil for another. Getting the balance right is essential!

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