With the prices of many essential household necessities continuing to rise well above the rate of inflation and salaries frequently failing to keep pace, saving money wherever possible has become a priority for many people. Happily, there are many ways to make your precious pennies stretch that little bit further without having to be deprived. Making some simple changes to the way you shop and the timing of purchases can effortlessly save you literally thousands of pounds each year. Itemised below are a ten top tips intended to save you money without compromising on your lifestyle. money thoughts

Regularly reviewing your financial products, particularly insurance products, can reap financial dividends in many different ways. When you renew a financial product, not only compare quotes from different providers, but also ensure that you have a policy which covers only what you need, rather than an excessive amount of cover which isn’t required. Take time to give insurers as much information as you can, as minor changes in personal circumstances, such as stopping smoking or only driving a few thousand miles each year, can all favourably influence your insurance premium.

Waiting until the January sales is a fairly standard tactic when purchasing many consumer goods, but an excellent way to acquire what you need at dramatically reduced prices throughout the year is through online shopping. These handy sites normally offer a single product or service at  reduced prices. Typically the prices on daily deal websites are anywhere between 60 – 90% less than the usual retail price, enabling customers to benefit from a range of high quality goods, typically luxurious brands and highly desirable products, at absolute rock bottom costs.

These websites are a fantastic way of acquiring beautiful, indulgent items extremely cheaply.

Obtaining a bargain holiday is often a matter of timing. Extra-early or last minute booking can often secure a fantastic package holiday for far less than you would pay booking only a month or so before departure. Prices are typically much higher during the summer months, particularly during school holidays, even at resorts which are not family orientated. Bookings for holidays in September of May are normally much cheaper and have the added advantage that resorts are less crowded and quieter than during the peak season. Booking flights and hotels separately rather than as a package is always worth considering as an economical holiday alternative.

Tokens and vouchers provide an enormous saving on many branded groceries, as well as providing significant discounts on a wide variety of meals out. There are many websites devoted to letting consumers know what coupons are available, enabling devoted “couponers” to shave hundreds from their annual shopping bill. Many restaurant chains offer “2 for 1” discounts or “children eat free” offers between Monday and Thursday, so frequently the same meal out can be enjoyed during the week for a fraction of the weekend price.

In order to take most advantage of the various offers and discounts which are available, forward planning and regular checking is crucial. Many people make a list of various items they are looking for, whether as a gift or for their household, then spend a few minutes each day visiting relevant websites for news on fresh offers which may be of use. Keeping a diary of when insurance policies are due for renewal and periodically comparing the tariffs for utilities are also important weapons in successfully fighting the price war. Adopt these simple strategies and enjoy the sensation of your purse growing plumper whilst your lifestyle remains as good as ever.