It is no surprise that mobile phones are such a popular target for thieves. They are small, portable and incredibly valuable, making it easy to find a buyer for a device that may not have been acquired through legitimate channels. There are also so many mobile thefts on a regular basis and so little chance of actually being caught that criminals are willing to take the risk and nick a smartphone.
This means that mobile users need to be vigilant against the advances of those who would seek to snatch their precious gadgets away from them, given the chance.


If you want to recycle your Samsung handset at the end of your contract and get some money back for it, not lose it to malicious operators, then there are some things you can do to make the chance of theft less likely.

Environmental Awareness

It is unreasonable to completely stop using your phone in public, so when you do decided to get it out while you are out a

Using a phone on the street at night is a bad idea, particularly if you are alone, as this will signal to thieves that you are definitely carrying something that is worth hundreds of pounds.

A phone can also be a big distraction from your surroundings, making it possible for a criminal to snatch it and make tracks before you have time to react.

Do not assume that you are safer in the daytime, as particularly brash operators will not shy away from grabbing your device of choice even when the sun is in the sky and there are other people around.

Perhaps the biggest no-no, but one of which many people are guilty, is putting your phone on the table in front of you when you are in public.

As soon as it is out of your hands, pocket or bag it is much easier to whisk it away without you realising that it is gone. Your attention only needs to be drawn away for a second for something to go wrong.

Safety Precautions

Although you can try and up your awareness levels to make mobile theft less likely, it is impossible to completely remove this threat, so instead you need to take precautions to minimise the impact.

Most modern smartphones will have location tracking capabilities that will let you find your phone if it goes walkabout. If you suspect it has been stolen then you should present this data to the police rather than attempting to retrieve it yourself.

Smartphones should also have the ability to allow you to remotely erase all personal information which they contain, so make sure that you set this up as soon as possible, since this will help you avoid the impact of identity theft and other forms of fraud which might otherwise arise following the theft.