Food, warmth, appropriate activity and lots of loving care is usually enough to keep a dog happy, animated and well. But what happens if your beloved pet becomes unwell, perhaps with a condition that could be resolved with appropriate medical intervention? Pet Insurance is still relatively new, but it’s there for a reason. Picking up the costs for veterinary treatment can leave you out of pocket by thousands of pounds and whilst you might be happy to pay up – the consequences can make life difficult.

dog at vet

So how do you ensure that you can confidently sign on the dotted line, knowing that your pet insurance  is appropriate help to cover the cost of treatment? Get the right cover for your family pet.

Research has shown that dog owners spend approximately £144.53 a year on vet fees. Consultation fees range from £10.00 to £45.00 plus per visit – prior to treatment or medication. The Office of Fair Trading recommended that fixed rates were not suitable for UK Veterinary Practices – so each practice has to compile their own fee structure. This needs to take into account what sort of operations staff can carry out, what equipment and after care are available and what sort of premises and facilities are used. Depending on where you live, the fee structure can differ by a significant margin.

The Royal College of Veterinary Surgeons offers a Locate A Vet service. This can be helpful if you find that your pet has unusual medical needs and you want to investigate charges in other practices. In the last decade, people are more inclined to explore financial options when it comes to the family pet. For a young dog with cancer or a heart problem – it is now worth looking at treatment because the results can be spectacular and pets can go on, to enjoy a long a contented life. For instance, dogs can now be fitted with replacement limbs if they have been involved in a car accident! You should be able to obtain an estimate in advance, and with appropriate pet insurance, you should feel confident to make arrangements for your pet to receive appropriate medical attention.

Having a pet is a big responsibility. It’s easy to forget this on the hundreds of days when they provide an endless source of uncomplaining company. But at some point, they may become unwell and need medical attention to help get them back on their feet. Having options on how this can happen means you can focus on your pet and not worry about the costs.