In the past, studying a subject to work locally was the aim of most individuals. Nowadays, it is about working globally.

Attitudes/mentalities have changed and working all your life for the local business around the block is definitely from the past.

New generations want to explore the world. Of course, some take a gap year – – to discover new cultures. Sometimes this opportunity allow them to find a job too.

It is all about the ambition and charisma to be successful on a big scale. We aren’t talking about 15 minutes of fame… but more of a professional achievement.

Whether you are working for a small business, multinational or as freelance it is about getting some work and delivering positive results for your clients and maintaining a great profile and reputation.

In the 60s and 70s, it was mainly about building a family business which would get a lot of trade from the same region…and become THE firm to use for that particular service: plumber, electrician, carpenter or mechanic. Since the start of the 21st century, technology has changed the companies’ field of action. Advertising is become global. The internet and free social media outlets have open the horizon to outreach and engage with the rest of the world.

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This means you can work from Scotland for a client based in New Zealand. All the  tools to facilitate the communication are at your fingertips: e-mails, Skype allow everyone to chat and exchange ideas – DropBox gives the option to share big files by using virtual space. The dream wouldn’t be complete for some because the change of scenery and being immersed in the culture of another country is what they are after. It is not about the “American Dream“, but regarding the exploration and the search of job satisfaction as well – not just about the money!

The choice of working abroad, is generally a good decision. However, it can be slightly delicate to apply for a position – go through the interview then move with all your belongings and find an accommodation all in a short time.

Planning is consequently vital. All this can be arranged by contacting recruiters who can help to sort out details and guide, especially when the employer wants the candidate around on a short notice. Exige International is a recruitment agency with proven knowledge and expertise in this domain for the past 12 years.

…As executive headhunters our network includes clients and candidates from Switzerland… 

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Of course, when it comes to decide about a potential career in:

  • financial services,
  • consulting,
  • banking,

it has nothing to do with a Summer and/or temporary vacancy and the salary is generally hefty! It is not about just ticking the right boxes on an application form but being able to bring something significant to the future boss which will generate positive results. In other words; you must have it all.

Even if all this sounds scary at first, you won’t be the only facing this new situation. But there is no doubt, it is worth it!

Hearing or reading reports from previous people with a similar objective and who made the jump , show no regrets whatsoever.

So, what are you waiting for to experiment something which will stay with you forever and will always make a good topic during a family and friends reunion?!