When you finally achieve something you’ve been trying to do for a long time, whether it is getting your driving license, graduating from university or winning that dream job or home that you’ve been working towards for years, it can be a huge relief. Likewise if you see a close friend or family member finally reach that achievement, in some ways you feel that achievement as if it is your own. You feel proud of that family member or friend and you want to show your pride, perhaps in the form of a congratulatory card or even a gift.

There are so many gift choices nowadays when it comes to celebrations that it can be hard to choose just one thing to represent that milestone achievement. With everything form ‘new baby’ cards to ‘congratulations on your degree’, there are cards and gifts that are specific to a wide range of personal achievements. However it can also be a good idea to make your own or find your own heartfelt gift that means just a little bit more to your recipient.

A teddy bear wearing a business suit is all very good to celebrate a new career, but a new tripod or set of studio lights for a would-be photographer branching out into their own business can mean a lot more, as it is more relevant to their line of work. Showing your congratulations in a way that both supports and encourages the individual can be a great way of keeping them on that track to success. Here are a few great ideas for heartfelt gifts, whatever the achievement!

Framed Photo

A small, personal gift, but one that will often be treasured. If you manage to capture the moment of success on camera, why not develop it and put it in a nice frame along with the date in order to immortalise the achievement! Frames are available in a selection of different materials and colours, so you could go for something classical like a regular gold frame or try for something a little more quirky like a colourful gilded frame, or even make your own!

Some people also like to add a little note on the back of the photo for the recipient to find, almost like a hidden Easter egg, only found when they go to take the photo out of its frame and this can be anything from a few words to a heartfelt poem or speech about the achievement. Go nuts! Chances are, only your recipient will actually see the note and it is a great way to immortalise how you felt on that day by writing it down.

Porcelain Figurine

While similar to the ‘graduation teddy bear’ porcelain figures are beautifully well made and will last for years to come. They also make beautiful glass cabinet or window sill ornaments and are a representation of the hard work put in by the individual to finally reach their goal. Porcelain figurines come in a variety of shapes and sizes and you can also by event specific figurines to show your support.

Make sure to remember that porcelain figurines are delicate, so if your intended recipient has large animals (or grumpy cats) or small children, this might not be the best gift for them unless it can stay out of harms reach! Always tailor your gifts to suit the giftee.


Here us out here. Jewellery can often seem like a very generic gift to give as a reward for a milestone achievement, but with so many different styles and intricate designs out there nowadays, you can completely personalise your gift to suit their hobbies and interests. A charm bracelet also works really well as a congratulatory gift as you can also buy a little charm that is related to the achievement to start them off. Say your recipient wants to travel the world as an interpreter, start them off with a charm bracelet and a music note or a scroll to represent their new career and encourage them to add a charm to it every time they travel. Perfect!


This one sounds a little weird to start out with but it will all make sense soon. If your friend or relative has recently started a new career, or taken good steps to achieving their own home or new business for example, one great way you can show support and congratulate them on their achievement is to provide materials for them to continue along that same path. They have recently gotten their bricklayers qualification? Brand new trowel and overalls for easier clean-up! They’ve started branching out into their own business selling hand painted glasses and shot glasses? A new set of paint brushes!

Sometimes a practical gift can seem like a bit of a lame gift, but when costs start to add up these gifts have some real beneficial uses and in some cases we need all the help we can get! Just don’t try to be too funny with your choice of gift.

A Holiday/Day Out

An experience as a gift is always a good way to show someone you care and spend some quality time with them in the process. Even if you are just taking them out for a celebratory meal or to see a theatre show, it shows the weight you place on such an achievement and reminds the recipient that with achievements comes good rewards.

At the end of the day you know what type of gift will best suit your friend or relative so just make sure it is from the heart. In many ways gifts can say what we are all afraid to say out loud, so don’t make this a wasted opportunity and show how proud you are with a gift from the heart!

Article provided by The Chinaman; the china and porcelain gift specialist with a beautiful shop in Sevenoaks and two websites packed full of stunning figurines, crockery and much more.