Despite all new retailers and designer stores, John Lewis High Street presence is even stronger than ever.

It seems that its growth is unstoppable even with the (still) ongoing recession and financial struggle.

Existing and potential new employees seem rather pleased of their employer, certainly because well looked after. There are incentives and customer service counts. But when the turnover is higher than expected there is always a bonus round the corner.

In March 2014, it was announced on the BBC News page:

…91,000 staff of the John Lewis Partnership will receive an annual bonus worth 15% of their salaries…

(Read full article HERE).

This positive attitude dates back from John Lewis’ father – “who pioneered its practice of distributing a share of its profits to its employees.”

John Lewis website is also rather competitive.

And if you prefer to call John Lewis Customer Service to place your order and eventually collect (click and collect service)  it from your nearest store, the service will (and should) be second-t0-none.

Then on 19th April 2014, a full article still on the BBC revealed that John Lewis marked 150 years since the first shop opened.

John Lewis Store Oxford St in 1864

John Lewis Store Oxford St in 1864

It all started in 1864, when John Lewis worked his way up to become the youngest silk buyer in London and turned down an offer & instead opened his own shop.

Nowadays, it is very difficult to find new retailers offering such emphasis on quality, choice, customer service and honesty. Money is important for each company. However, customers can only be kept when the foundation is strong and delivers a regular and strong service. It is easy to sell without care – looking after existing, potential and new clients makes it very challenging but exciting too.

Then it is all about expansion, growth and development of new stores with stunning architecture inside and outside, in order to give that unique cachet to the clientèle.

…Over the past 150 years, the retailer has transformed itself from a humble Victorian draper to a chain encompassing more than 40 stores and employing 91,000 permanent staff…

Which other business can say the same thing about longevity and that standard of products and politeness?!

Something JL can be proud of, because customer service is what can make or break the reputation of a shop, restaurant or hotel. It is not just about employing people but also looking after them by having a nice reward for the good work which drove the profits over the years. The respect works both ways.

As the global economy is difficult for everyone, it is always pleasing to get a cash bonus to boost the morale rather than an advertising fridge magnet, sticker or badge of some kind.

There is in fact nothing to moan about JL and there are projects in the pipe line too:

John Lewis biggest department store outside London in Birmingham

John Lewis biggest department store outside London in Birmingham

The future seems secure and more jobs are looming as well. What else can we ask from such an iconic and legendary label?