Private banking is becoming – or seems to be – the way forward for investments and financial transactions.

…Up to five private banks will be created in China this year as it looks to open up the financial sector and raise competition in the industry… Source BBC News

These new establishments will be similar to guides or experts for traditional Chinese banks. Probably something strongly necessary after the deep washout and the credit crunch which hit us all on a global scale.

After all, it is logical to be monitored professionally to make sure there is respect of a particular standard and consistency is important too.

However, the financial sector is always a sensitive subject – almost taboo.


Generally, people don’t like to reveal how much they earn or spend on certain items. But is wealth a bad thing?

Some individuals don’t think that talking money is right – or there should be a limit. Simply to avoid tension or alleviate a certain level of arrogancy.

But where would the World be without heavy investments in several industries?

Private investors are necessary for our economy, but the overall situation needs to be under control, especially when this is reported:

…Over the past few years lending by non-banking companies has grown rapidly in China…

Money has to be clean and almost traceable to avoid dodgy illegal agreements between organisations. Whatever the activity, regulations will be welcome by a majority.

┬áThe banking regulator in China is after something drastic such as “policies to support banking reform“. In other words, a new financial product able to certify transactions such as deposit or withdrawal.

Real transparency for all, which could only ease deals between property consultants and investors. And why not implementing such idea worldwide in order to avoid another Lehman Brothers‘ saga?!

Investment banking can be healthy whatever the amount, as long as the source of the cash isn’t illegal or putting others in a dangerous position.