There are moments each month and during the year that people buy and spend more. As an example, just after pay day High Street stores are buzzing. A kind of urge to spend is on the planner.

Regularly, there is a market survey saying that physical stores are dying as people shop online!

Internet users are certainly browsing to search what they are looking for with of course, the best price. Then, it is a visit to the shop. Sometimes it can be a waste of time as there are some exclusive items only available online and not in store – this is the case with John Lewis ( This can create strong arguments as the customer has taken time to drive his/her car and pay for the car park.

Usually, everything ends up well and a special in-store offer can be a good surprise for the initially upset customer.

The other situation is about general stock level either when buying on the Web or directly from the retailer.

A high demand can affect the availability of certain items. Such situation shouldn’t happen if the stock level is checked daily according to the sales. It is important to have just enough stock to avoid a disappointment by potential buyers, but also bring it down as low as possible to limit waste/loss for the business.

…Having too high or too low a stock is harmful. High stocks represent money lying idle when it could be put to better use, whereas low stocks could result in not being able to take on and meet orders… Source

Information from manufacturer to potential buyer infographic

Some specific products – listed online or by the shop manager – can also be subject to a special order. In other words, whatever the client wants has to be manufactured to match the exact requirements:

  • size,
  • shape,
  • fabric,
  • texture,
  • material,
  • colour.

This involves a know-how and professional qualification to supply a perfect finish. Alstons furniture belongs to this category ( as all products are created by skilled craftsmen.

In this particular case, the person ordering the sofa, chair or stool will have to wait to get that tailored piece of furniture. No pressure or tension, as it is made to order with quality and care.

It is sometimes worth the wait to get something unique and personal. There is – eventually – an extra price to pay, but you can be assured that a person is putting all parts together and not a machine located in Eastern Europe. According to where you are, you might even have the opportunity to meet the maker directly, which will give that good feeling of knowing who is in charge of your order.

Meet the maker