It appears that after the virtual collapse of the western financial markets, governments across the globe have finally learnt some much needed lessons. This week to help rebuild Britain’s financial stability, the government has launched the MAS, the Money Advice Service – an online and offline service aimed at educating and encouraging UK citizens to take better care of their money.

According to the sites ‘About us’ page, the MAS is not just designed with the intent of providing clearer, easier to understand financial information, but it also aims at making a ‘real impact on people’s behaviour and on society’. The MAS is also hoping to provide consumers with a better financial outlook by working closely and influencing the financial service industry, and public and regulatory bodies.

As part of the MAS’ educational approach, the site currently contains a number of guides and how to manage your finances and what to do if you want to expand your financial investments. As you work your way through the site there are a selection of ‘how to’ and ‘step by step’ guides on a vast array of subjects including, different types of investments, how to contact an investment manager or private bank, as well as detailed guides on what sort of information a FSA will need to successfully manage your investments.

There are also extended sections on how to manage your finances if you have a family, if you’re considering getting a divorce, or if you recently received an inheritance. The individual sections provide a raft of useful advice including, guides to entitlements, effective ways of saving money and additional resources, such as budget calculators and online tools to help you effectively keep track of all your incomings and outgoings.