It has been confirmed that 120,000 tickets for Glastonbury 2014 has sold out in 27 minutes.

The famous music festival taking place in June is still a success…there is no doubt to this. Glastonbury 2013 came back and has been as good as expected.

The Rolling Stones was one of the main attraction.

But, it is rather impressive to see that a few months after Glastofest’s return, tickets for 2014 have gone. Who said that the music industry wasn’t a lucrative business?!

Indeed it is all happening in a field, nearby a farm. Nothing glamorous but festival goers are – it seems – loving to gather around several stages and living in a tent with little comfort.

The BBC reported the following:

For the first time, coach packages were available three days earlier, with all 15,000 tickets selling out in half an hour…

Who thought that people would actually spend cash so early for such music festival… The reputation has been done years ago.

Glastonbury 1970-2013

The Eavis Team (father and daughter) with all the relevant logistic around them can be proud of their business based on transforming the countryside into a huge open air concert lasting several days. It is about getting everything together at the right time and property management strategy is a vital factor. There is no room for error.

After a few years of struggle regarding safety/security and the eventual lavatories nightmare, all is now up and running smoothly.

Never easy to plan an event with such scale because if one and just one box isn’t ticked the entire infrastructure can suffer.

Glastonbury aerial view and numbers

It is obvious that the Eavis business is aware of what needs to be done to satisfy everyone. Caterers and other volunteers have to live on the middle of nowhere for a week as everything has to be there before the visitors turn up and then it is time to pack-up when everyone is gone.

A tremendous operation which needs to be perfectly prepared to make this mammoth investment literally a walk in the park.

Glastonbury is certainly THE festival to go to, in order to be able to share the experience with millions who have attended previous editions of the notorious Somerset party.

Remember the weather can be unsure and putting your Wellington boots on the essential list is a must do.