With the increase of monthly rents and property prices, some businesses too are looking around.

A few years back, the MetOffice moved to Exeter in a new, modern and high-tech building near Exeter Airport.

Now, this trend seems to have triggered an alarm…in a good way for the Westcountry city.

BlurGroup is following the MetOffice footsteps. And it is not just a branch of the company but the HQ. The building is located in the Science Park.

Exeter Science Park CGI

a global technology company that is reinventing commerce… Source

According to BlurGroup, this is the right decision as the Southwest of England is very similar to the original Silicon Valley, where technology is the main interest. Exeter is a prime location in Devon to become the hub and even the leading tech region in the UK.

This attitude is positively surprising. Especially, when a previous Media Agency with an office space in central Exeter decided to close-down and offer a relocation to their staff to either London or Edinburgh.

The lease was ending but the Head Office wanted to concentrate activities in the big cities rather than keeping a little pied-à-terre in sunny Devon. Maybe a mistake with negative consequences in the long term? However, when the management takes such decision, it is usually after having checked figures and financial status. Because, nowadays it is all money related; making the most cash rapidly by cutting costs. This is certainly the good solution for the company survival!? Future will tell!

However, BlurGroup wants to create more jobs (100 by the end of 2014) in the English Riviera, the place they call home. And the other good news is that London and Dallas premises are kept. This is truly a business expansion without downsizing. Who said there was nothing in the Westcountry except beaches, pubs and hotels? Devon offers good deals even if remote from the Capital – great connection by rail and air – a real traffic artery to bring a firm to the next level.

When such company decides to move, it is in fact easier than decades ago. Digital and marketing agencies are almost paperless…it is all about monitors, keyboards and wires. Of course, the working space has to be adequate to accommodate desks and chairs but property management consultants are also available to guide potential clients and eventually find the best location. When all is well planned, it will be hassle free.

And the lifestyle in Devonshire is rather good too, with Dartmoor only a few miles away and sandy beaches with a second-to-none panorama.

Taking a step back for a better jump is the vision of BlurGroup.