It all starts in the morning, whether you switch on the radio, the television or even open a magazine or newspaper…it is even on the internet: advertising messages to almost dictate us what to purchase or make us believe that we need such or such product.

This type of ads have always been around but not at such level and intensity. With the global economic struggle and the technology being available to everyone, companies whatever the size, have started to invade the digital or cyber space as well.

Possibilities have no limit. Short films, animations, flashy banners here and there as well as QR codes and social media networks are opening a lot of doors – able to share and create an interaction with end-users too. This latter option allows the consumer to be involved at the heart of a marketing campaign and unconsciously, this will (almost) auto-drive what the company is after. If the word “win” is mentioned, it is certain that people will jump on this wagon by for example posting a selfie or an image with a specific hashtag – depending on what is required for that particular campaign.

Sadly, nowadays people are living more and more a virtual life. Individuals have online “friends”, “followers” which they have for most of the time, never met. Is this healthy for the well-being of our Society and cultural development?

But things don’t stop there.

A friend of mine attended a hiring-seminar for a computer manufacturer/retailer (the logo of which is a fruit). It was all friendly and relaxed with a lot of clapping and cheering! This American company recruits every six months and there are three interviews to go through to then become (initially) a retail assistant.

The members of staff present in this boardroom kept saying “this is the best job I have ever had!” – But what did they do before or in other words what is it comparable with? Yes…indeed the products are beautifully designed with regular updates and perfect customer service, helpful support with even free workshops in order to understand and discover the possibilities of your precious smartphone, mp3 player, tablet, laptop/desktop. Anyway, the selection is tough because at each interview the numbers of applicants are cut down dramatically with no real feedback given to the dropped candidates.

The other interesting and very obscure point: no one knows the salary and terms and conditions of employment – however, a lot of individuals of all ages are willing to be part of this corporation. But what is driving this kind of attraction towards an actually unknown/unclear field? Having the reference on a CV or getting staff discount for the so wanted trendy items?!

There is clearly a kind of trademark or let’s say label, relating/connecting the product with creative people such as website and graphic designers and media agencies. But it is not by having a similar computer that you will be as good – the skill and knowledge are still necessary. We could say the same about a DSLR; an expensive camera won’t take better picture if the user is novice. As simple as that.

Website and Graphic Design Infographic

Website and Graphic Design Infographic

It is a kind of quest to get a better, faster, thinner more fashionable device whatever the cost because the slogan says so – and buyers are rushing/queueing without even having tried/tested the new tool with a price tag reaching sometimes over 400 Pounds. Is this not being brainwashed?

Rather difficult to understand. Teenagers and even their parents and grand-parents too, want to be part of this movement – some are using the word “cult” because having that particular make is synonymous of being part of a successful class.

In most cases, the family doesn’t just have the tablet but will invest in the huge desktop with the magic mouse. All this to just check emails and browse the net because there is a cachet behind the name. A bit like those people who drive a 4WD in a city and never go into the muddy countryside: all about a position of status in the Society.

This doesn’t come cheap. Unfortunately, this is how the 21st century looks like: materialistic and wanting it all even if not needed.

Where will this stop or is it just the beginning of the way to self-destruction by over-spending our already rare savings?