Almost everyone in the world has heard of Catherine Deneuve. The majority of cinema fans have seen at least one of her films.

However, this time it is not about a new film, play or other acting role – but about her house…a mansion or even better a real castle. Deneuve has decided to put it on the market.

The building is not that far from Paris – so rather easy to go from the French capital to the lovely and peaceful countryside.

Chateau de Primard

Chateau de Primard

The french demeure is situated at 75 km from Paris, will go on the market for €3.9 million.

Sotheby’s represents the actress’ property and it is clear that there is a lot on offer:

Park has been redesigned by renowned international landscape gardener, Jacques Wirtz. Main house with 1 200 m2 offully renovated living space. Ground floor: 50 m2 kitchen, dining room, library, large sitting room, sitting room-boudoir. 1st floor: 65m2 master bed suite, 2 bedrooms, bathroom, guest suite, annex bedroom. 2nd floor: 65 m2 master bed suite, 2 children’s bedrooms, laundry, guest suite, 70 m2 sauna suite, bathroom and rest room. Beautifully converted 3rd floor attic with relaxation room and home cinema.Source

Chateau de Primard garden view

Chateau de Primard garden view

A few years back, it was Carla Bruni who sold her childhood castle with 40 rooms and 175 acres of luxury landscape.

Are celebrities getting rid off their assets because they are struggling in relation with the lasting recession and the 75 percent tax imposed by Président Hollande. France has already lost Gérard Depardieu because of this!

Carla Bruni Childhood Castle

Carla Bruni Childhood Castle

It is not sure why this sudden trend of selling something rather prestigious.

To add to this A list, David Beckham is selling one of his cars: BMW 6 series convertible (£75,000).

David Beckham's BMW 6 series convertible

David Beckham’s BMW 6 series convertible

It can be surprising and shocking at the same time to see the asking price either for such property or even a second hand car.

Can/could the value of an instrument or a jacket belonging to an artist increase when going under the hammer, simply because the previous owner is/was a famous person?

Nowadays a simple mention that “someone wealthy and famous” used that particular product could change the actual selling price.

Of course, when it comes to invest in a property like the one owned by Catherine Deneuve, it is obvious that it will be a high end product with a rather round and strong asking price: the domaine is very prestigious, unique and well maintained too. All the boxes are ticked.

However, nearby residents are hoping that the future owner(s) of the estate will keep such heritage intact and not transform it into something ludicrous or just sell it to a private bank to get the money and leave it to fall into pieces. Sometimes and too often cash takes over the deal and the rest is left far behind.

What will be next and from which high profile person?