Almost September and We are already thinking of “celebrating” Christmas. Or should We say buying for Christmas?

It seems that going to High Street stores as early as possible is what buyers are doing to scan shelves and displays for potential ideas for the December celebration.

But of course, We have moved to the 21st Century and children like adults are after exceptional gifts. Nowadays, getting a book or a shirt seems an everyday present. It has to be very different for that particular day and almost exclusive.

Technology is not cheap even if all devices are now the traditional products that people want (but sometimes don’t need).

This means, thinking that far ahead is maybe not that ridiculous as financial planning can certainly be necessary depending on the family members and requested gifts.

But the more it goes the more serious it gets.

Remember (or maybe not) in the 80s the game console started to appear with basic but good (at that time) screens. Researchers have made tremendous discoveries and implementations to get the resolution, colours and interaction even better – going from monochrome (green or orange) to a fantastic colourful panel and even 3D for some devices.

Who thought such changes would occur so quickly too.?!

Because Christmas is not just about giving and receiving a nice parcel – it is also about (unfortunately) eating in huge quantities to the point of being unwell (for some) and this wouldn’t be complete without some bottles of alcohol.

Is it really necessary to spend that much? Why couldn’t We change that trend to something more focused around the family and getting together for a good meal rather than having a bigger overdraft at the end of that period?

Credit crunch has hit us all: getting what is needed first is a real priority. Of course, when Christmas is at the horizon there can be a kind of anxiety for parents (who are buying) and children (who are requesting THAT pricey item).

The alternative is to go for a more traditional approach of the celebration. Homemade cakes together, getting educational toys which will last for years with no worries about potential deterioration or damages (batteries, firmware updates…etc). Going all around a table and preparing the decorations with paper, scissors, glue & having that fun DIY activity to remember,  when everyone is older. It is about sharing these unique moments.

Imagine the joy when 5 or 10 years later you re-open that box containing what you received from your parents or grand-parents!? It is not about nostalgia but appreciation of good quality in general. Let’s say Lego or Meccano: these were on strong demand a few decades back. A comeback could certainly be possible. It could also be the case of metal toy tractors or other vehicles – lasting for years with no defects or broken parts to replace. In one word RELIABLE.

Siku Toy Tractor - metal diecast

It might not be easy to reverse the initial choices about the eventual presents, but your wallet or credit card have a limited allocated budget and going over just for that minute of happiness to then struggle for a few months is no worth it.

Getting your financial priorities right is what counts first!

Christmas Spending Infographic