Whether you’re an individual who clears out your clutter by selling unwanted household items, or looking to make money as a business, you’ll probably be interested in what sells best on eBay. As the saying goes, ‘one man’s trash is another man’s treasure’, and it can often be astounding by what sells, and how much they sell for. If you’re shrewd about your eBay selling, and do a small amount of research, you can ensure a healthy profit with minimal effort.


Before You Start

As well as finding out what sells for the highest price, you should also think about what consistently sells. A rare first edition of a literary classic may sell for thousands, but how many of us actually have one lying around at home?

Another consideration when deciding what to sell is how best to send your items once sold. With the recent increase in Royal Mail prices it’s vital that you check how much each item will cost to post, as you don’t want any nasty surprises at the Post Office; you may even find that using Royal Mail you end up paying more in postage than the item even sold for! Often it can be more cost-effective to send items via courier, so it’s worth checking out what parcel delivery services are available in your area. If you don’t have the time to research the different couriers available to you, myparceldelivery.com is a handy website that lets you not only compare the prices of delivery companies in your area, but also lets you book, pay for and track your delivery; all on one site.

The Best Sellers

EBay’s own published stats demonstrate that women’s clothes, shoes and accessories were top sellers in 2012, as more and more women are shying away from spending too much in regular clothes shops. So if you or your partner has a wardrobe full of hardly worn items, this may be the easiest first step in your eBay selling career!

Women’s dresses: Whether buyers are looking for a classic little black dress at a fraction of the price, or looking for something vintage, women’s dresses are consistently high on the best-selling lists.

Video games: With most video games having a set play length, they are often bought, completed and then sold on eBay.

Women’s heels: As long as the heels are intact and the shoes show minimal wear and tear, women’s heels get snapped up without difficulty.

Video game consoles: With the latest consoles coming out all the time, there are always buyers wanting to upgrade their current gaming system, and eBay is a great way of getting a newer console without paying brand-new prices.

Women’s coats and jackets: A staple of women’s winter wardrobes, coats and jackets are usually costly, so there are always people out there looking to buy good quality second-hand coats.

Women’s tops and shirts: Buying tops and shirts on eBay is a great way to get a bargain on the latest fashions, and as most women have countless items that they’ll never wear again, eBay is the perfect place to offload them.

Women’s handbags: A designer handbag is a must-have accessory for many women, and by purchasing from eBay they can get a good deal.

Women’s boots: Boots are another essential footwear item, and high-quality boots in good condition will sell with ease.

DVDs: Whether it’s a hard-to-find classic or the latest blockbuster, DVDs are always a good seller on eBay.

Bikes: Expensive to buy new, eBay is the ideal place to get rid of that old bike that’s cluttering up the hallway.